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We're back again and this week we thought we would talk to you about some Top Tips for...Rest & Recovery!!

We know what your thinking...You probably feel you do more than enough of that already BUT did you know that not getting enough Rest & Recovery when you are starting out on a new exercise regime, or already regularly exercising, can cause Sooo many injuries as it means you are putting your body under too much stress without enough time to repair and recover!!!

Did you know It's as important to schedule sufficient Rest & Recovery time as it is to actually have a regular exercise schedule!?

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OK, Sounds very interesting. Sounds like your favourite thing, right?  

Rest and recovery.

So, what does that actually mean?

It means exercise is important.

But equally as important is the time you allow for the recovery that comes after the exercise. Because if you're putting your body under stress with exercise, which is what you want to do for growth, then it's got to have time to repair and recover. And particularly if it's muscle growth that you're after, as you know you must stress and stretch the muscles fibres hard that you want to increase in size so you need to train intensely and then follow up with good quality nutrition before allowing sufficient time for repair and recovery.

So, a combination of rest, recovery, balanced nutrition and regular exercise should be part of any fitness regime. We need enough sleep; we need to stay hydrated. Also, nutrition is really key to help you with a fast recovery.

A common problem is overtraining.

So many injuries come from overtraining, on the basis of the flawed "more is better" concept!

One of the things to take note of is not to overtrain, that's the highest risk of injury. So, it is about that fine line between pushing yourself enough whatever stage you are, but not going over the line where you then risk injury.

Again, it really does need to be emphasised to make sure you don't go too far.

For Instance, my partner, Karen, is not really a sporty type of person. Although she is able to call herself a Triathlete because one-year Herbalife Nutrition was sponsoring the London Triathlon at the time and a lot of Herbalife Members were taking part in it and it caused a real buzz about members getting involved in their local Triathlons.

So, she took part in a local triathlon which was a sprint one. She had a friend and colleague who was a Member also in Herbalife who write her a 'prescription' of all the Herbalife supplements she needed to take before i.e. weeks before the day, before and during the event and after the event to make sure in her words 'I  finished alive!' Up until the day of the event Karen had never done a 5km run! and she used to be the girl who hated running at School! During the event she asked the run Marshall, 'Can I finish?' He replied laughing saying, 'No, you've got to keep going up and down, up and down and all around so you can finish.'

Somehow thanks to some minimal training and the power of good nutrition she did complete the course to become a triathlete!

So, this is all about what does your best look like to you?

What's the best version of yourself?

What does it look like?

And it's going to be different for all of us.

You know, if you're 80 years old, 90 years old is different to an 18-year-old.

So, it's all about your personal best and you've really got to try and think about what you could do where you could just get a little bit better.

Hydration of course is really key before and during exercise and after to make your body performance optimal. And we do have some Herbalife Nutrition products that you can add into your water to help you make it more effective for hydration called Herbalife 24 Hydrate

Next comes recovery. The key thing that I've learned is actually extra protein can help you build and retain your lean muscle and be less susceptible to injuries and muscle aches and pains.

So, if you use our Herbalife 24 sports Nutrition range, that's Olympic approved and Military approved. It's a Premium Sports range and aimed at Weekend Warriors or Olympic athletes.

If you want a particular product for muscle growth, you would use our Award-Winning Herbalife 24 Strength post-workout which you can check out here

Also, you could use our Herbalife 24 Formula 1 SPORT designed for people who are serious about and actively involved in sports and you could combine it with our Herbalife 24 Hydrate because it is very important before you exercise that you are fully hydrated!

If not, you certainly are going to compromise your sports performance.

One of our favourite Herbalife Nutrition products are H24 Restore Capsules

If you want to recover well, and without all the usual aches and pains that normally follow vigorous exercise, you just have a little capsule before you sleep.

As an example of how effective they are my partner Karen did 10,000 steps gardening and patio cleaning yesterday for six hours straight without hardly a rest. She felt like her back was broken but it wasn't it just felt like it!!!

Before she went to bed, she had a Restore capsule and when she woke up not only was she feeling much better but really fantastic!!!

Perhaps only 10% aches and pains instead of 100% pain.

So, this is a really great product and although we are not making any medical claims here, you just try have to try these products. They're really amazing!

Another really good product that you could think about is our Award-Winning Healthy Energy Drink called Lift Off

It's a Healthy Energy Drink, so you know you see lots of people drinking all these various unhealthy energy drinks full of bad sugars.  

Our Energy Drink called Lift Off comes in a fantastic tasting Lime Flavour and it's packed with B vitamins which are really good for you.

My son is 28 years old and he absolutely swears by this product.

He's got a very demanding stressful job in life insurance sales dealing with people all the time. He's very target driven, works long hours, and he absolutely loves this product!!!

Packed with B vitamins for mental clarity and focus and so great for sports which require concentration and focus such as darts, snooker etc as well as some of your more strenuous exercise.

It also contains Vitamin C as well. As much as 100% of your daily recommended allowance which is brilliant.

Karen: I was doing a 2-hour round gym trip I used to fuel up on the wrong things. What I've done if I've been at the gym, since knowing about Herbalife nutrition, is snack on one of our award-winning healthy protein bars in my gym bag and have that in the car plus finish off an extra litre of water for the day. So, the choccy protein bar is a nice easy way just to give you another 10 grams of protein post exercise if you're not working out too hard, but you need something to help you recover and repair.

Just to sum up, don't forget recovery. Don't forget rest. You have to put it into your schedule.

It is tempting to think "more is better". But with exercise, there is a balance and your body needs time to recover, as we've said, so plan it.

Meantime, just keep moving and most of all, have fun with it and thanks for taking the time to listen to some of our thoughts which we really hope are useful to you!!!

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