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Thinking of fat as healthy seems to go against nearly every piece of nutrition advice you've ever heard...

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Karen and Stephen here at Nutrition Leaders UK Welcome back.

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So today we're going to cover fats.

So, when you think of fat, okay, most people are brainwashed to think, ah, fat, I definitely don't want that. That's really bad.

The reality is actually what we want in our diet, in our nutrition, is balance, we need the right amount of a range of different things, including healthy fats.

So, there are healthy fats (unsaturated fats) and unhealthy fats (saturated fats).

So, the first thing when I think of the word fat, I just immediately think -donut.

That's pretty obvious.

Maybe it's not the best choice for your health though...

Maybe it's an occasional treat, but certainly not every day, as you might end up looking like a donut! So, this would be a classic example of a food containing saturated fats and obviously high in sugar as well.

So, what is a good fat?

Good fats might come from things like nuts and fish and olives, things like that. Various oils like olive oil, canola oil, and avocado is a great source of healthy fats.

Also, there can be good fats found in some, but not all peanut butter.

A good example of healthy fats found in a quality peanut butter we use ourselves is called "Whole Earth" peanut butter.

Walnuts and fatty fish, flaxseed. These are some of the things that come under good fats, good fats should actually represent approx 30% of your daily nutrition intake.

So how easy is it to ensure we are eating approx 30% good fats daily?

This would mean we are having fish perhaps two to three portions a week and at least one oily fish a week!

But it's not that easy to do.

Do we even do it ourselves?

Well, we all need to be honest with ourselves.

How regularly are we all eating oily fish?

We are all absolutely not doing this regularly.

And I think that's the reality that we all need to address, is what are we actually doing regularly?

And what we want you to do is to be real and truthful with yourself and ask yourself the question- "How often each week am I eating oily fish, avocados and nuts"?

Remember It's the good fats that can help you keep your blood cholesterol levels in check and more balanced, and it's the bad fats that can skew them.

So, we want you to get the balance right alongside the complex carbohydrates and the lean proteins that you choose to eat in the day to help keep you strong and healthy.

One thing that we choose to do and have done so for a long time now which has been one of the best investments we have ever made is to supplement our daily diet using Herbalife Nutrition Supplements.

One of the products we use is called HerbalifeLine Max

Danielle Armstrong Herbalife HerbalLifeLine Max

This product contains sustainably sourced fish oils high in omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) which are the good fats our body needs, and it contributes to our heart, vision and brain.

This particular product has 5 medical claims with it.

So, we're able to make medical claims.

That's because of the efficacy, the power of the product.

It's also accredited by "Friend of the Sea" as being sustainably sourced fish only.

It's a vegetarian gel capsule.

So, who do you know who is currently struggling with high blood pressure?

Rather than knowing that you are not eating enough fish and thinking you should eat more but not actually doing anything about it due to time and cost you will know exactly how much good fats you are consuming by supplementing your daily die.

Particularly with the quality of this product, as not all supplements are the same.

You can buy supplements from many different places, but the quality varies hugely, just like the quality of restaurants varies massively!

So you will know with this particular product Herbalifeline Max because of the 5 Key Medical Claims regarding heart, vision, brain, blood pressure and blood triglyceride levels you are getting the very best available and it may be something that you want to consider.

We certainly use this product every single day.

We're investing in our health and are future proofing our ageing.

Prevention is always better than cure.

Everybody knows that the general population is not great at eating across a wide group of foods that's healthy for us, so then we need to take some steps to supplement to fill in the gaps or we must deal with the health consequences of that neglect.

So, to conclude with fats, they're certainly not all evil, some are very good for you and are very much required to be healthy.

As we have said there are good fats and bad fats. And we definitely require approx 30% daily of good fats.

Remember to keep it simple, saturated fats, which are the unhealthy fats, mainly come from red meat.

And the good fats, which are unsaturated fats, mainly are plant based.

So, another source of bad fats, saturated fats, can be in unhealthy snacking.

A lot of these type of snacks you pick up on the run.

If you look on the back of the packaging labels, you'll find high levels of saturated fat in most of these.

A common question people ask me is "Why does the government recommend that we don't eat more than three portions of red meat per week"?

It's not because red meat isn't a good protein source. It is a good protein source. However, the way the protein contained within the red meat is delivered into your body comes along

with saturated fats.

So, by the government recommending you don't consume more than three portions of red meat per week means you will limit the amount of saturated fat you are eating weekly.

It means you're not getting those bad fats coming into your body.

That's the reason.

It's all about balance.

We are hearing so much today about the benefits of plant-based nutrition.

Our Company Herbalife Nutrition has been leading the way for 40 years in 2020 with plant-based nutrition.

We were the first company to take Herbs and Botanicals from the far east, into America in 1980, and from there all around the world.

We've been leading the way and this year in 2020 we're celebrating 40 years of being the No 1 Nutrition Company in the world based on plant-based nutrition, herbs and botanicals.

So to conclude this latest article, both Karen and I have over 30 years’ experience of changing our own health, and going on to help hundreds and hundreds of people change their health both directly and indirectly and our mission is to help even more people become healthier and happier in 2020 and beyond!!!

If  you want to ask us any questions, we're more than happy to answer them simply get in touch by email

Meanwhile we hope you enjoyed learning more about good fats and bad fats in this post!

Best Wishes,

Stephen & Karen

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