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Quality is integrated into the fabric of each and every Herbalife Nutrition product.

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That's why our distributors and customers have such great confidence in Herbalife products, a confidence that stems from the Herbalife “seed to feed” philosophy, a thorough and hands on approach to our products that influences every aspect of the manufacturing process from the ground our seeds are planted into, our labeling, packaging, distribution and beyond.


Products Built On Trust


It starts with knowing the marketplace and the current state of nutritional science so we can develop products that consumers want based on scientific findings and trends in the market.


As identified by our researchers and distributors in the field.


Our growth is a direct result of increased demand for our products.


Once we've identified the needs of our customers we bring in leading science.


This comes from our very own doctors, scientists and nutritionists, working with world class vendors to develop our products from concept to feasibility and prototype to final formula.


As part of this process, product taste and texture evaluations take place in our in house sensory lab.


Once our scientists have evaluated different formulas, Herbalife regulatory teams conduct a critical review of all ingredients to verify that no globally or regionally restricted raw material is being considered.


From tea fields in China to aloe fields in Mexico to soybean fields in the United States, we source our ingredients from approved suppliers that meet our strict specifications.


It can take up to a year and a half to screen potential ingredient sources.


Once a reliable supplier is identified, in process testing is performed to substantiate that those ingredients used always meet our high standards.


Our global manufacturing footprint is expanding.


We now have four advanced manufacturing centers, each with functioning laboratories, as well as trusted contract manufacturers like those in Italy and Brazil.


Herbalife has strict quality assurance procedures in place to ensure that our contract manufacturers meet our rigorous standards as well.


Raw material certificates of analysis are reviewed by Herbalife to confirm that appropriate testing has been performed, and that all raw materials are within ingredients specification requirements, and we regularly use internal and third party auditing firm experts to verify these procedures are being properly conducted.


Our contract manufacturers are excellent partners. They helped make it possible for Herbalife to provide outstanding quality and meet worldwide demand. But by taking more of our global manufacturing in house, we enhance our quality control and our ability to scale up production of our core products while maintaining the flexibility to provide specialty and seasonal products as well.


This initiative to bring industry leading product manufacturing under our own roof is called Herbalife Innovation and Manufacturing or H.I.M.


The 1st hemp facility opened in Suzhou, China in 1999, producing powders, teas, tablets and capsules.


Our 10th facility was in Lake Forest, California which was acquired and completely renovated in 2009.


We believe this is the highest quality and highest output facility in our industry.


It boasts a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer used to analyze the identity and other properties of various ingredients used in our products.


Visitors to H.I.M Lake Forest which have numbered more than 10,000 since its opening are consistently impressed by the quality Herbalife puts into its products.


In 2012 H.I.M Changsha became operational in China contracting with farmers in the Hunan province to extract key botanical ingredients including herbal extracts, such as orange pekoe, tea and green tea concentrates. As the chain shop facility came online. Herbalife purchased a plant in Winston Salem, North Carolina, which will become the largest H.I.M facility today at over 46,000 square meters…


That's roughly the size of six and a half football pitches!


It has the highest output Herbalife manufacturing facility yet, and it's where many of our core products are made including F1 Healthy Meal shake nutritional shake, Personalized Protein Powder, Protein Drink Mix and teas and liquid aloe are made.


The H.I.M Winston Salem plant includes a quality control Centre of Excellence Lab where physical, chemical and microbiological testing takes place.


Herbalife monitors the environments in which all of our products are stored even after manufacturing is complete.


We carefully track temperatures during shipping using data logging technology that measure air temperature during transportation.


Our packaging philosophy is simple.


The ingredients listed on the label are always present in the product and come from trusted sources.


Our marketing and creative teams designed packaging to be stylish, informative, and to set each product appropriately amongst the greater product line.


Our supply chain is robust, and we have nearly 700 product access points at company owned and third party locations in more than 90 countries.

Even after products are delivered to consumers, Herbalife has industry leading systems in place that capture and record product complaints and incidents in conjunction with our customer service groups worldwide.


This data lets us make sure we have satisfied customers and identifies potential areas where we may be able to improve a product formulation, packaging or shipping matter to improve the customer experience with our products. And most importantly, Herbalife products come with more than just guaranteed science and manufacturing excellence behind them.


They come with a person of voice for the products, a Herbalife Nutrition Distributor who works with the customer to educate and motivate them to help them reach their goals.


It's that combination of great product and great service that creates desired results and satisfied customers all over the world.


As Herbalife takes the reigns of its own destiny and product development and manufacturing, consumers can have ever increasing confidence that Herbalife Nutrition products are held to the highest standard and that Herbalife Nutrition is better positioned than ever to provide the latest in science based nutrition and meet the diverse needs of the global market.

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