Welcome to the Heath Marathon 👋


The Online Health Marathon is a new format for helping you achieve your goals and obtaining the best results. 

  • Improve nutritional habits
  • Support weight management
  • Body composition monitoring

Among the Marathon’s benefits are the continued support of your peers and a healthy competitive spirit to help you obtain the best results.  Changing your eating habits, managing your weight and improving your healthy habits is much easier with a team and a coach than going it alone!


What happens during a Marathon?

Each team consists of 9 people, including the Captain. The Captain is an experienced Coach who shares daily tips and helpful materials, creates personalized meal plans, and serves as a role model while supporting all participants.

Each “lap” lasts 10 days which can be repeated until desired results are achieved. 


The most active and motivated participant may become the Captain’s assistant.  They invite their acquaintances to the team and gradually learn the duties of a group leader.

Each participant submits a daily report on their meals, weight and physical activity.


Each team can win the first place if it beats other teams’ results at the end of the League competition.


Each participant can invite friends to their team: the more the merrier!

Attitude is Everything

If you haven’t had luck losing weight before, it may seem impossible, but it’s not. Look at weight management as a series of small wins and a commitment to a new lifestyle. You’re not going to reach your goal in a day, so focus on completing one task at a time. Whether it’s adding one more serving of veggies to your plate or completing a week of exercise, you can get to your goal if you take it one step at a time. Stay positive and let the small wins build up until you’re victorious.

Tip: Tell your Captain where you’re struggling; it’s a partnership. So feel free to lean on them for the support you need.

Your Captain, Your Coach

Not only will you have access to high-quality Herbalife Nutrition products, you’ll have access

to your Captain who will be your coach. They will be there to help you overcome challenges and celebrate achievements. Your Captain will hold you accountable and help get you where you

want to go.


Ask your Captain-coach for:

• Recipes for shakes and meals

• Workouts

• Local challenges

• Fit clubs

• Community support

• Product information

• And anything else!


If you have any further questions

The advantage of the Online Marathon is that you can always stay in touch with your Captain and team no matter where you are. You can always seek advice, discuss your concerns or ask a question. 

Chatbot 🤖

All materials that were developed as part of the race will be sent by a special chat bot. Therefore, you need to connect it to be aware of all the important and useful information. Accordingly, if a team is not connected to the chatbot, then it will not receive materials.

The chatbot will ask you for your weight daily and it's important to report it even if you're not currently losing weight. It doesn’t matter what the result was yesterday – even if it remained unchanged, you need to respond to the chatbot.

Why do you need a chatbot?  🤖  So you get: 

- daily tips on balanced diet and healthy lifestyle; 

- your personalised card with daily progress. 

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