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It's Stephen and Karen, again from Nutrition Leaders

And if you've not joined us before, Welcome!

So we're running through a series of blogs based on some brilliant information in a short booklet that's called "It Start's Here"- Discover the best version of yourself.

And it's all about getting balanced nutrition, right.

So you can be at your very best every day, in your work and in your domestic life as well.

So today we want to talk to you about Hydrating For Health.

It's all about water.

Did you know that our bodies are 70% made of water?

So it's vitally important that we top ourselves up every day.

You might top your cars radiator up with water and if you forget to do so the red warning light comes on and says water's low and you remember to top your cars water up!

But are you topping your own bodies water up EVERY day?

Are you in a situation where you are making it easier on yourself to get your levels topped up every day?

Just remember, if you feel thirsty, it's too late. That means you're dehydrated.

So I know it sounds counterintuitive. You actually need to be drinking water and hydrating yourself before you feel thirsty!

And so what do we recommend?

What's healthy, and what's not?

Most people we meet don't get half of what they need in terms of their daily water requirements.

They generally, maybe, drink half to a litre of water a day if they're lucky.

We encourage them to start to ramp that up either with water from the tap or some products that we can introduce to them to help them hit their water target every day.

Two litres is a minimum.

If they are an exerciser then maybe they have got a gym bottle and then they would need an extra litre when they're working out as well.

So that'd be three litres, and if it's a very, very hot summer's day, then they might need an extra litre as well, because they're going to be losing more water through the heat, perspiration and also we lose water at night while we sleep, generally up to another litre.

But as an average a couple of litres a day, is required, whether it's winter whether it's summer or anytime of year and if you exercise and if it's extra hot then you need to be taking in more like three litres +.

Okay, so what does that look like?

So two litres looks like about six average size glasses of water.

And one thing that I did, when I realised that I needed to ramp my water intake up, was I ditched my smaller water glasses and went out shopping and bought some bigger ones, and then I actually went out again and bought yet even bigger ones!

So, I know you like pints, especially you boys!

And just so you know, don't tell me that you can't drink a pint okay!?

And so you can use that trick, and what we used to do at the dinner table, was to just have a glass of water each, as a family and a jug of water on the table.

And then we topped it up and over the years we've actually increased our water usage to maybe a large glass and a half just while eating our main meal.

If you are well prepared you can really increase your water intake.

It's all about habits.

So, you know, for a lot of people that we meet, they've gotten into a habit of not really drinking very much water and not being hydrated as a result.

Normally, they're tired.

When you ask them how are you?

The best they can say is, okay.

But we're not really designed to be like that because the human body is a remarkable thing.

If we fuel it properly, then it makes an incredible difference.

So hydrating, and drinking water regularly, is all about developing better habits, and that's something that we help people with.

If you're not drinking enough water, then you might have joint pain, inflammation might mean it's difficult to walk as an extreme.

Sometimes even your organs can start to miss function.

So it can be quite serious and it can also lead to tiredness.

This is the number one reason that we find when people are lacking energy.

And it's simple to change for so many people, just turn on the tap and ramp up the water.

It's for your brain, it's for everything within your body.

And if you're trying to lean up and lose some body fat, then body fat just doesn't evaporate!

You need water, and sufficient water, in your body along with a number of other things, including fibre, which helps flush and take the fat out of your system, and away from, and out of your body.

If you're drinking water regularly throughout the day in an office, which has a water machine, then it's not necessary to carry a water bottle around all day.

But if you are working from home, or in an office without a water machine, then it's a good idea to get a bottle like I have which has visual markers on it.  

I keep it on my desk and it tells me if I am on track or not.

To help you ensure you are Hydrated Herbalife Nutrition have a specific product called "Hydrate", which is Olympic approved and both Karen and I use it extensively.

It is designed to hydrate you faster than water alone so when you add this to your water. Because it is Hypotonic, when it's mixed with water, it means that the water will hydrates you faster than water would alone.

It's a favourite product of ours!

During the Winter Karen likes to have a hot hydrate drink first thing in the morning.

Sometimes when she wakes up, she feels like her mouth is dry, a bit like sleeping in a hotel on holiday with the air con on all night.

It's Absolutely fantastic!

If you have one of these Hydrate drinks hot or cold, and within literally 20 minutes, We defy you not to feel better and to be functioning more normally!!!

It has 100% of your Vitamin C for the day.

It's got B vitamins as well, which is great for mental clarity.

It has a fantastic refreshing citrusy taste to it.

It is Olympic approved, so Olympic athletes use this product and they can be tested and be sure that it's absolutely fine.

That's really important for them.

It's also approved by "Inform Sport", which means it's military approved as well so the military can use this product too.

Because it's part of our Premium H24 Sports Range, it's clinically tested and proven.

So, if you use this product and you're an athlete, and you're involved in a sport where your performance is measured, and you use this product, you will be faster, you'll improve your performance, and this is proven it's not gossip!

Another product that has become one of our favourite Herbalife Nutrition products is the Herbal Beverage Tea.

In fact, I think Karen loves this product even better than her Healthy Herbalife Nutrition Smoothie!

The Herbal Beverage Tea has become her super best friend!!!

Before using Herbalife Nutrition her hydration really consisted of squash.

She wasn't actually a tea and coffee drinker.

So she quite liked lemon squash and also blackcurrant drink (I won't say which brand) which she later found was full of hidden sugar.

She would drink this all through the day and was thinking that she was drinking water and being hydrated, but it really, really, wasn't helping her at all or anyone else in her house!!!

So when she discovered some better ideas, and was ready to make some changes.

She switched to water from the tap, which is free, and learned to put the kettle on and to make a hot cup of our Herbal Beverage Tea and drank two to four cups a day.

It's absolutely fantastic and gives you a natural energy lift.

Since doing this she really is like a Dynamo Bunny with lots of energy all day long!

We don't usually have it after six o'clock, and that's because we want to be slowing down getting ready for bed and sleep.

It gives you an energy lift but in a natural way.

We really love this product because although it says caffeine on the label at 85 grams it's actually natural caffeine, so you can get processed caffeine, which is what you get in typical tea and coffee and you can get naturally derived caffeine which is the caffeine in our Herbal Beverage Tea.

The difference with processed caffeine, in tea and coffee, is that it tends to de-hydrate you. You need to drink up to two glasses of water every time you drink a typical tea or coffee to re-hydrate yourself.

Whereas, with natural caffeine, it gives you a lift which tends to last, also it does the opposite of tea and coffee in that it re-hydrates you, so it counts as part of your water intake.

It also slightly raises your metabolism, but not too much, it just gives it a little extra help, so it actually means that when you use this product, you'll find you've got a similar calorie burn to about 15 to 20 minutes of exercise on the treadmill at the gym!!!

So you can drink 3-4 cups a day versus going on the treadmill at the gym for maybe 1 hour + and if your a busy person that's great to know you have another option!!!

Karen likes the "Original" flavour.

We have a large 100 gram size in this flavour which works out more economical than the 50 gram size.

Also, there's three different delicious flavours in the 50 gram size, raspberry, peach and lemon.

They are a little bit more sweet for us to have more than a couple of times a day as we have more of a savoury taste these day's so we tend to favour the Original flavour the most.

However, the one that is really fantastic for us and a lot of our clients in the summer is the Peach flavour served ice cold!

You can add in some cucumber, strawberries, ice and bits and bobs and it looks and tastes just like a healthy Pimm's!!!

So, if you're having a party, you can make a jug of the real Pimm's and one of our Fake Healthy Peach Herbal Beverage Pimm's and your guests will not be able to tell the difference.

It's absolutely fantastic.

So great for people that are driving.

They can say sober but really enjoy the party and feel like they're having a real treat.

So just to wrap it all up...

Firstly, Please email us at if you would like a FREE digital download of our brilliant "It Start's Here- Discover the best version of yourself" booklet and we will get that straight off to you.

Secondly, turn on the tap right now, get a glass of water and drink it right now.

So thank you all for joining us and we hope you can join us again for our next blog soon!

Meantime have a great day and let's raise a glass of water to your very good health :-)

Much Love,

Stephen & Karen XX

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