So You Don't Think YOU Need Supplements! - Right?

For most people these days trying to juggle relationships, work, family and friends, It's really, really difficult.

I Know How You Feel Because I Used To Think That Too Before I Learned Some Hidden Secrets A Long Time Ago...

Life is stressful.

We've all got a lot on, wouldn't you agree?

So along with all that juggling, we all want to be healthier and happier, and why wouldn't we want to be that?

BUT we're faced with so many choices, and so much confusion!

Why Is It that when you go in the supermarket today or when you go to buy your food its really confusing and difficult to make healthy choices not knowing exactly what's in the food you are buying?

And there's a very good reason for that.

So the profits of food companies have gone through the roof, in fact, the weekly food bill is going up and up and up.

Food companies do not make their profits by making everyone healthier.

But the funny thing is, are we actually getting better quality food?

Or have we got food that actually looks instagram perfect but in many instances has zero vitamins in it.

This is based on facts which are the result of food being tested.

This is not gossip, this is what we're up against.

And this is actually what's happening!!!

So today for the first time in history we've got picture perfect, cheap foods which are providing bad nutrients and a deficiency of good nutrients.

And there's big problems coming as a as a result of this.

There is a Gold Standard Swiss Study called the Geigy Study last published in 2002, and it shows the way fruits and vegetables have lost so much of their vitamin and mineral content over time.

So, let's take Broccoli for example.

Everyone would agree that if you were choosing Broccoli to put in your shopping basket you would be making a healthy choice right?

Well you might be shocked to learn that Broccoli has lost 73% of its calcium, 62% of its folic acid, and it's lost 55% of its magnesium and that was back in 2002!

Anyone buying Broccoli would say, "I'm trying to eat healthy".

Remember this is not gossip this is fact!

And another fact from the World Health Organisation...7 out of 10 patients at the doctors is their due to poor nutrition.

Again, this is back in 2002 so it will be higher now.

That means only 1 or 2 people are going to the doctors because they've broken an arm or have a real genuine medical problem that hasn't arisen due to poor nutrition.

It's the first time in history that we are now globally overfed, but malnourished, and the vast majority of all the health problems that we've got going on come from this...

So here is a picture of me 18 years ago, age 42, and I was doing my best like all of you, and like all the people that you know who are doing there best as I was to be healthy and happy.

My waist had expanded to 38 inches.

My energy was low and I had a really stressful job.

I worked in some of the the top Barristers Chambers in the UK, and was working really long hours, trying to juggle everything including helping to raise two young sons.

I got to a point where trying to be healthy, trying to do a bit of exercise, trying to make the right choices, ended up with me collapsing at work with stress and low blood sugar levels.

I was doing the work of about 4 people.

My waistline was getting bigger, my energy levels were getting worse and worse, and I was really struggling.

I was someone who was trying my best, like a lot of you and like a lot of the people that you know.

However, what I realised later was that I actually did not have a plan for my health. It was the same for everyone else I knew all just trying to do there best but the reality was no one actually had a solid proven plan for there health and nutrition and lifestyle. We were all basically just hoping for the best!

How many people do know like this?

Where they don't have a proven pro-active health plan to follow?

The truth is if we ran a business like this, or treated our finances like this, it would probably not end very well.

However the thing is, if we knew our life depended on us finding and following a proven healthy active lifestyle plan, we might start thinking about making different choices.

But we think we've got forever...

We think that there's going to be tomorrow and the next day and the day after that and so on.

And in the end, you end up with problems and issues and I would have ended up with serious problems and health issues if I continued to go in the direction I was heading.

But I was very lucky!

Because, 18 years ago, I worked with a guy called William.

He introduced me to a couple of people that he knew that lived up in the Lake District And he said, "Stephen these people might be able to help you".

So I went to meet them. And they started me on a different plan to the one I had been following.

I made a change and I made a decision that I wanted to change.

Your Health results will depend on the quality of your nutrition.

Scientists discovered in order for the body to function well long term, your diet needs to include five categories of nutrients.

Every single day, not just during the week, every single day, It's like your finance plan or your business plan, or work plan you need to pay attention every single day.

So what happened to me was I started following a different proven plan, a different way of thinking, a different way of being and I was able to supplement my diet to plug the gaps that were missing with Herbalife Nutrition supplements.

Herbalife Nutrition is a Healthy Active Lifestyle Company which has been established for 40 years all around the World.

So I got involved with a Health and Nutrition Company which promotes a pro-active approach to health and nutrition and exercise.

Herbalife Nutrition covers the five areas that the body needs every every single day.

It's products are divided into those five different categories that the body needs for long term Health and Wellbeing.

Take a look at our Herbalife Nutrition Product Brochure right HERE or visit us at Nutrition Leaders UK and take some time to browse around to see the full range.

Herbalife Nutrition Supplements are Award Winning Industry Leaders, Military Approved and Olympic Approved.

We have more Science and Clinical Trials behind our products than any other.

They work!

It's not gossip.

It's a Fact and it's also backed up by an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee for people.

As far as I am concerned I really really want people to try these amazing products and both see and feel the difference they can actually make for them and if they are not delighted then I am very happy to refund them no questions asked.

The purpose of Herbalife Nutrition is help make the world Healthier and Happier.

That's a mission I feel very passionate about!

Every morning, when I wake up early I want to help change someone's life.

Just like what happened to me 18 years ago.

William offered me an invitation to take a look at something new.

And now as I approach my 59th Birthday I know if I'd have continued on the plan I was on, I would not look and feel as I do now.

I use the same products every single day but in a totally different way.

Before I needed to drop body fat and shape up, get more energy.

I don't need to do that now.

I am using Herbalife Nutrition products today for anti-ageing, high energy levels and pro-active health care.

In fact today although I am almost 59 years old I have the same metabolic age as a 43 year old. Amazing don't you think? So the reality is I have only actually aged by 1 year in the last 18 since I was age 42!!!

Having changed myself first I have gone on to help many many others use the products just like I did and helped them achieve incredible results.

We are looking to help busy Business Owners who are yawning and feeling tired.

Busy Mum's looking to lose the baby weight and shape up.

Executives who lack energy.

Personal Trainers, Fitness Professionals and Dance Instructors who are forward thinking and understand that it's not all about exercise but that Nutrition plays a vital role and that supplementation along with our whole food diet is very important.

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