Reduce Eye Wrinkles-Improve Skin Elasticity after 4 Weeks! Collagen Skin Booster

Nutrition Leaders UK hopes everyone had a lovely Christmas in this strangest of years as we get ready to try to forget the worst aspects of 2020 and trust that 2021 brings us a much better year! 😀

Once again Nutrition Leaders UK are very excited to continue with our last and final part of our 3 part special series blog focusing on our very latest brand NEW product from our incredible SKIN care range called  Collagen Skin Booster 

Let’s all listen in as Laura Chacon-Garbato who is Chairwoman of Herbalife Nutrition’s Outer Nutrition SKIN Advisory Board continues to talk with us about why Collagen Skin Booster  is SIMPLY THE BEST! 😀


(Continued from Part 2)…


So, the Collagen that we lose due to the aging process, due to external factors, that sometimes we might not be aware of, is replenished when we drink an ingredient like Verisol P.


This is why this product Collagen Skin Booster is so EXCITING!


The sooner you start to consume the product, the sooner you will really start to see the benefits of this product.


It is an AMAZING product. It is called Collagen Skin Booster.


It's a Collagen skin booster which is a Beauty Supplement that is scientifically proven to improve skin elasticity and reduces eye wrinkles in only four weeks.


Also, it contains some of the most powerful Bioactive Collagen peptides in the market.


These hydrolysed peptides are much smaller than regular Collagen molecules.


Which allows them to be easily absorbed into the body and into the skin, where they penetrate deep into the dermis, which is where you want them to be, so that they can stimulate production of new collagen.


So Verisol P really slows down the aging process, delaying the signs of aging, correcting the signs of aging if you already have them.


But if you don't, if you're in your 20s, it's actually going to delay the aging process, because it's smoothing the formation of those wrinkles and improving the elasticity and the firmness of the skin.


It really really helps to improve the elasticity of the skin reducing wrinkles and increasing the moisture of the skin.

So, if you are already starting to see those fine lines and wrinkles, and if you're seeing that loss of elasticity in your skin due to a loss of Collagen, you're going to see your skin start to look amazing!!!


Now, if you are still not seeing Results within four weeks you're actually going to delay the aging process, which is an amazing benefit.


Why not start taking care of your skin now and actually delay the aging process!?


It also has nine key vitamins and minerals to support beauty from within which makes us very unique.


Some people might say “That’s great I've heard of that ingredient before Verisol P


BUT… have you heard of it with these additional benefits!?


Because not only do we have Verisol P in this product, Collagen Skin Booster, which has all these proven results associated with it, but because we have combined it with all these vitamins and minerals to support beauty from within, for instance, Zinc which is a natural mineral that provides growth and maintenance of the human body.


It also has Selenium, which is a mineral in soil, which really helps to support skin health.


It has Biotin in it which is also known as a vitamin that supports the health of the skin and nourishes the hair and the nails.


Sometimes when there is a deficiency of Vitamin H or Biotin in the body, we start to see our nails becoming very brittle, our hair becoming very thin.


This means when you start to consume Collagen Skin Booster not only are you going to get the benefits of those Collagen peptides, but you're also going to get additionally those extra vitamins and minerals to support your beauty from within!


Collagen Skin Booster contains 30 servings per pack.


It's super low in calories, which is great because for many of us, we're trying to watch our calories and lose or maintain a healthy weight.


You might be forgiven for thinking that Collagen Skin Booster is really high in Calories, because it has such an amazing Strawberry and Lemon natural flavour!


It tastes so good.


You are going to absolutely love it!!!


Also, you might be forgiven for thinking, oh my god is this full of sugar?


But it's not!


It's made with Stevia, which as you probably know, is a natural plant.


So, it's not going to add any sugar.


It's super sweet and tastes amazingly delicious due to our use of Stevia and is very, very low in calories.


It's gluten free.


It's got that amazing Strawberry Lemonade flavour.


I love this product because it's very, very versatile!


So, if you just want to use the product for the Collagen and Skin Health and anti-ageing benefits you absolutely will see the difference because of the Verisol P ingredient, which is Scientifically proven to reduce eye wrinkles and improve the skin elasticity in only four weeks.


However, you also should be aware of the EXTRA BENEFITS you will get too.


Verisol P is also known to decrease the visible signs of Cellulite after just three months.


For those of you who might not even know what Cellulite is, it's trapped fat underneath the surface of the skin.


There are many factors that could cause you to have the appearance of Cellulite.


It could be a predisposition, it could be your percentage of body fat, sometimes it can be an issue for people referred to as “skinny fat” that have a lot of fat trapped and so sometimes they need something to help them with that issue.


If you know someone who might be suffering from Cellulite, meaning trapped fat underneath the surface of the skin, Verisol P has shown to decrease visible signs of Cellulite after only three months of regular use.


So, this claim has scientific backing.


Remember, Collagen Skin Booster, also has additional benefits because it contains key Vitamins A, C, and E, Niacin, and key Minerals Zinc, Selenium, Copper and Iodine to support healthy hair, skin and nails.


You use Collagen Skin Booster once daily by mixing one scoop in 250 milligrams of water, just stir it and enjoy it. Very easy and versatile.


You can add it to your Herbalife Nutrition Herbal Beverage Tea if it suits you to do so, you can add it to your Herbalife Aloe, you can add it to your Herbalife Formula 1 Healthy Meal Shake if you want.


If you like Oatmeal in the morning, you can add it to your Oatmeal, you can add it to anything you want to add it to, or you can drink it by itself because it tastes amazing!


So, remember again, the secret to Varisol P, to this ingredient, to the Collagen, is in the production process.


It's the way the Collagen is cut into smaller peptides so that it's easily absorbed into your body and then it starts to work, it starts to produce that new Collagen.


The sooner you start to use Collagen Skin Booster, the sooner you're going to start to see the results of the product.


But let's not forget about the importance of a Skin Care routine, let's not forget about how we can continue to also nourish the Epidermis, the outer layer of the skin.


We can do that by using products like our Herbalife Skin Line Minimising Serum, which helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just seven days, it's got that clinical testing to show remarkable improvement in the skin smoothness radiance.


And what I love about this product is that it's very versatile. You can use it in different areas of the body. You can put it under the eyes, on the lips, you can use it on the neck, you can use it all over your face. So, it is very, very versatile. Because it is a treatment it means it doesn't replace your moisturizer. Remember, Herbalife Skin Line Minimising Serum is an addition to your moisturizer.


What’s the Buzz about Herbalife SKIN Protective Moisturiser SPF 30 ???


Well, it’s a long-lasting moisturizer that leaves the skin soft and smooth. It helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just seven days.


Most of the damage that we see on our skin is caused by UVA and UVB rays.


You want to make sure that you are protecting your skin, and ensure you are keeping the Collagen that you have.


We can do that by making sure that we're wearing sunscreen on a daily basis.


What I love about Herbalife SKIN Protective Moisturiser SPF 30

is that it is not just a sunscreen, it also has additional benefits, that is it helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just seven days, which is amazing!


Remember, we also talked about the importance of rest, we talked about the importance of getting a good night's sleep and making sure that we're getting enough sleep because our body is renewing itself when it's at rest.


Why not add an extra benefit of Herbalife SKIN Replenishing Night Cream?


Once again, we have all these amazing benefits for the epidermis, like helping to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just seven days, which is just so amazing that we're able to make these claims on our amazing products!


Because always remember in order for us to be able to make a claim about any of Herbalife Nutrition and Herbalife SKIN’s wonderful products we have to have a Clinical Study.


Meaning we have to be able to prove that what we are claiming is actually and factually true.


So, what you are hearing about the products are claims that have been proven by clinical trials for the results.


You might not yet have had the chance to try the Herbalife SKIN Purifying Mint Clay Mask or understood the important role it plays in our Herbalife SKIN range and the way it is able to pull out the impurities from the inside of the skin.


It can be used anywhere from one to three times a week depending on your skin type.


If your Skin is a little drier, you might want to use it less, if your skin is a little bit oilier, you can use it a little bit more to pull out the impurities which will help your skin a lot.


The best time to use Herbalife SKIN Purifying Mint Clay Mask is when you have a spare 15 to 20 minutes, that's the best time, so it could be when you get back from your workout. It could be if you're having a spa day and if you want to run the water and turn some music on that's fantastic too.


But don't let that limit you from using your Purifying Mint Clay Mask.


You can use it while you're on a conference call (maybe audio only)


You could use it while you're on a listen only training call.


You could use it while you are washing dishes, folding clothes, answering emails, get creative and use your imagination!


Most importantly, we all want to look younger, we all want to look nicer and we all want to look more handsome because this product is for men as well as women, because men have skin too!!!


So regardless of whether you're a man or a woman, and regardless of your age, it doesn't matter if you're in your 20s or in your 30s because remember in your mid-20s you have already started to lose that Collagen that we have spoken so much about.


That’s the reason Collagen Skin Booster is so important for ANYONE from mid-20s upwards!


Why not supplement?


Why not delay the ageing process as much as possible?


As soon as you start to use Collagen Skin Booster, the skin becomes noticeably firmer and smoother.


Of course, if you know someone who has Cellulite it reduces the appearance of Cellulite too, so you get such amazing benefits!


This is an anti-ageing Skin Health Care product and it’s another first of its kind for our Herbalife Nutrition SKIN Range and we are totally EXCITED about the RESULTS you are going to get after you start to use Collagen Skin Booster!!!




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