Collagen Skin Booster-Fight Signs of Visible Skin Ageing From Within!

Thank you all so much for Re-joining us again at Nutrition Leaders UK as we continue to share part 2 of our 3 part special series featuring the very latest brand NEW product from our incredible SKIN care range called  Collagen Skin Booster 


Let’s all listen in as Laura Chacon-Garbato who is Chairwoman of Herbalife Nutrition’s Outer Nutrition SKIN Advisory Board continues to talk with us about why this product is SIMPLY THE BEST! 😀


(Continued from Part 1) …


But what ends up happening is that it actually affects all of our body in a negative way.


When there's an overproduction of Cortisol, there is a negative effect created physically that can actually age our body, because it diminishes the Collagen that we have.


Because our body is not able to function normally.


This is the reason that prolonged stress can actually make you age a lot quicker.


So, for stress to leave our body, we have to let go of that stress, because it's not good for our body.


It's definitely not good for our skin.


Also, another factor that can negatively affect us is environmental pollution, UVA rays, UVB rays, ultraviolet rays, the rays that you don't see, even when it's gloomy outside when there's no sun.


This can really decrease the production of Collagen in your body. So, it is important that you're wearing sunscreen on a daily basis. And again, these are all factors that are under your control, nutrition, under your control, stress, how much stress you allow to come into your body, under your control.


You can't afford to say, “Oh, this situation stresses me out”, or this person stresses me out.


No, you're allowing that to happen, you have control over that, you have control over how you protect your skin when you go outdoors from that sun exposure from that UVA light.


So, you have control over how much Water you drink.


That is also a factor that can actually make you look a lot older than your chronological age.


If you're not Hydrating your body correctly, you're going to be able to see all those lines, all those wrinkles.


This is something that you have complete control over, drinking enough water throughout the day, making sure that you are hydrating your body throughout the day you have complete control over that.


What's the difference between a grape and a raisin do you think?


Well, the only difference between a grape and a raisin is Hydration!


That's right, Hydration.


That is the only difference.


So, do you want to look like a raisin?


Or do you want to look like a grape?


Again, Hydration is completely under our control.


No one can tell us not to drink enough water or to drink enough water that is under our control.


It’s so so important that you are drinking enough water.


These things, again, are under our control.


Sleep is another external factor that can affect our skin.


When we sleep, when we are at rest, our body is regenerating itself, it's renewing itself.


If we don't sleep enough, then we are never allowing our body to regenerate itself.


We are never allowing our body to renew itself and who has control over how much sleep you have every night?


You do.


You have control over how much sleep you take every night.


Unless you have a baby then you have an excuse that you might not get your full eight hours of sleep, or 10 hours of sleep, or nine hours of sleep or six.


But if you are a healthy adult, then you should have control. And, if you obviously don't have babies, you're going to have the control of how many hours you get on a nightly basis.


But sleep is such an important part. And if you don't get enough, that is a factor that is going to age your skin a lot quicker.


Of course, there's internal factors as well. There’re genetic factors too.


Hormones for instance for ladies, by the way, when they hit the Menopause, that's right, when they hit the Menopause, they start to lose the Collagen in their body at a 2% rate!!!


Yes, I know, thank you very much, very unfair!!


There’re also skin conditions that could age our skin.


But…there are still things that we can do to Supplement that Collagen that we're losing on a daily basis.


Just remember, 70% of healthy aging is determined by your lifestyle.


So only 30% is down to genetics.


Don't say, “Oh, you know, my family members have this type of a condition”.


So, there’s nothing I can do as I’m going to have that too!


If you intentionally set out to lead a Healthy, Active, Lifestyle, you have the ability to sometimes change that.


Always’s Remember, 70% of Healthy Aging is Lifestyle, and only 30% is down to genetics.


Don't think that because you have had such and such genetic conditions in your family that you're going to have them too as you can definitely change yourself by what you consume, what you put in your body, your lifestyle.


Are you being Healthy? Are you being Active? Are you Sleeping enough? Are you consuming the right products, that are really going to make a difference in the skin?


So, what is Collagen?


Let's talk a little bit more again about this.


We talked about it already, it's that mattress in the bed, right?


As an analogy.


Collagen is also the most abundant protein in the human body, it accounts for about 30% of the total protein mass in our body.


It's what gives our body its structure. And its firmness. And it makes up 75% of our skin.


So, Collagen accounts for 30% of the total protein mass in our body, and it makes up 75% of our skin.


Together with Elastin, Collagen keeps the skin firmer, keeps it bouncy, it keeps it looking great. It keeps it looking smooth.


When we're young, of course, it's plump, it looks amazing, it's smooth, because Collagen is constantly regenerating itself.


But…we start to see a change as we age.


Remember, you might not see the change right now, because you're in your 20s.


But the Collagen starts to diminish in your 20s, and you might not see the effects until your 30s and your 40s.


Let me tell you preventive treatment is the best treatment, because it can really delay the onset of the aging process, which we're all going to go through.


Collagen Skin Booster is designed to help with this.


There’re about 28 different types of Collagen that we have.


The Three most prominent types of Collagen are Collagen 1, Collagen 2 and Collagen 3 located in the skin.


So, remember 75% is skin.


So, Collagen 1 and Collagen 3 is the main Collagen types located in the Skin and it makes up about 75% of our skin.


This is the reason why we wanted to concentrate on launching a product Collagen Skin Booster which is a Food Supplement that brings benefits specifically to Collagen 1 and Collagen 3 in your Skin.


So, what is Verisol P that is in our Collagen Skin Booster?


Well, it's a very unique ingredient that has been derived from bioactive Collagen peptides Collagen Type 1 and Collagen Type 3, which are the types that are located for and to support skin health.


Because remember, that is the most abundant protein in the human body Collagen.


Verisol P is the most scientifically backed Collagen peptide source in the market.


It is made up of pure, naturally sourced, Type 1 and Type 3 Collagen to support Skin Health.


Specifically developed and Scientifically proven to provide Results after just four weeks!


After consuming this product Collagen Skin Booster, you're going to start seeing those results in just four weeks and then continuously as you continue to take the product.


It’s a very simple process.


It works by stimulating our skin's metabolism from the inside.


That’s right from the inside!


It's going to start working, and then it's going to show up on your skin.


Now Verisol P uses Collagen obtained from Porcine due to the strength of science and bioavailability compared to other sources.


We looked at what other sources were in the marketplace. And we found that Verisol P, obtained from Porcine was the best source of collagen to bring you noticeable proven results.


Also, Porcine Collagen has less allergens than other sources.


Verisol P has the strongest Scientific Credentials among Collagen peptides for skin appearance, because remember, it makes up about 75% of the skin.


One question some people have asked is “Why didn't you go with a vegan option or with a plant-based option”?


So, why not one of those?


Well, we looked and, those types of collagen, they do not contain Collagen, okay?


They don't contain that protein.


Instead, they only contain micronutrients, because they're plants.


And so, like vitamin C, which contributes to normal Collagen formation.


We needed to launch a product Collagen Skin Booster  that was going to actually produce that protein in the body.


We wanted to make sure that whatever we brought to the market was going to provide results, because Herbalife Nutrition is a result driven company.


So how does Verisol P actually work?


Well, high grade Collagen peptides work within the skin.


The peptide of the collagen has to be very small in order to penetrate into the Dermis.


We looked at Collagen Creams, but Collagen Creams don't work because they only stay in the epidermis on the top layer of the skin, they actually don't penetrate into the dermis.


So, in order for something to work, it needed to actually penetrate into the dermis.


That's why we found Verisol P, because this ingredient actually penetrates the dermis.


So, it's a high grade, Collagen peptide, called Verisol P, which is going to stimulate the skin cells to produce more Collagen and you need something that is going to penetrate into the dermis to produce more Collagen.


Collagen Skin Booster reduces eye wrinkles, my goodness, can you imagine it, reduces eye wrinkles, and improves the skin elasticity after only four weeks!!!

 Remember, the thinnest skin that we have on the body is the skin around the eye area. That's where you see wrinkles first.


Collagen Skin Booster actually helps to support the skin all over the body, but especially to reduce the wrinkles around the eye area.


So, the secret to Verisol P, and it’s very important that you understand the secret to Verisol, lies in the production process.


It's the way that this Collagen is cut into smaller peptides.


What that means is that Collagen Skin Booster  is going to be easily absorbed into the dermis, it's going to go into your gut, and it's going to help to stimulate the skin cells to produce more Collagen!!!





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