8 Questions to ask Yourself if you want to be Healthier and Happier in the New Year

Welcome back again everyone to Nutrition Leaders UK www.nutritionleaders.co.uk ideas and thoughts to share with you all as we plan our new year's resolutions! 


We wanted to pay attention to some of the things of last year that worked well for us, and things that we also need to get better at…


If anything feels right to you or maybe sparks something for you then please feel free to give it a try this year.


So, let's get right into it.


The first category is around habits we are taking into the new year that have already worked well previously last year.


Then another category will be new habits that we want to take into this year that we didn't really have last year in 2020.


So, a given is my morning routine.


I did not start having a morning routine until a few years ago.


It has developed over time and is still developing as I try to figure out what works best for me.


So if you guys do not have a morning routine, that is the number one habit, I would suggest anyone really needs to consider, there's something about it, where instead of waking up and having to rush right into whatever you have to do, or rush right into a phone call or a meeting, having that time before the day start’s, to just connect with yourself and put your intention toward the day, kind of take deep breaths and not let the energy of that phone call or the energy of that activity you're jumping right into be the structure and the energy you're going to have throughout the rest of your day,


My first thing would be a morning routine.


Let me break that down into details.


Yours can be just five minutes long, whereas mine is probably a couple of hours now which has kept evolving over time.


My first practice is writing in my gratitude journal.



However, you can choose to express gratitude in any way that you enjoy.


You can take a walk-in nature first thing while thinking and asking yourself some of the questions I use in my gratitude journal,


What’s important is that you just create a space before your day really kicks off to remind yourself of some of the thing’s which you are thankful for in your life.


So straight away by undertaking this practice it puts you into a mental state of abundance rather than lack or scarcity thinking which will affect what follows during your day.


So, for me, I prefer to write my gratitude out in a journal, I just write it myself.


I know many people use the Five-Minute Journal, which is incredible and If you guys have not tried that, that would be a great base.


I use a blank notebook and here are the 8 questions which I ask myself every morning (Numbers 7 & 8 you need to answer in the evening) these questions were given to me at a very special personal development training I attended with Blair Singer some time ago;


  1. What is my daily goal?
  2. What am I willing to give others today?
  3. What 10 things am I grateful for right now?
  4. What do I value that another does for me that I am grateful for right now?
  5. What am I happy about right now?
  6. If I wanted to be happier what additional things would I be happier about right now?
  7. How well did I do on achieving my goal for today?
  8. What have I done well, increased in value or got better at today?


I can honestly say asking myself these questions consistently every morning has helped me change my life!


Next thing I do after my gratitude journal is to meditate, usually for 24 mins or sometimes less if I am in a rush.


I like the idea of 24 mins as it was explained by Author and Spiritual Guru Stuart Wilde in one of his books that as we are all given 24 hours in a day then 1 minute of every hour devoted to quietening your mind and giving yourself the opportunity to be guided by your subconscious seems not too unreasonable.


Meditation does not have to be closing your eyes and listening to someone speak to you. For me, that's what I am currently doing and enjoy it but previously I have tried many different ways to meditate.


But I would also say meditation could be you walking outside and embracing Mother Nature. Some people meditate when they're doing laundry, they just focus and are super mindful of what they're doing.


So, it's really about finding whatever feels right for you.


Forming a habit of Meditating as part of your morning routine can take time. So just be patient and try to be consistent as its definitely worth it with lots of Science backing up the health benefits both physical and mental.


I then look at my Bullet Journal which was recommended to me by the mother of one of my customers to whom I am very grateful as I find it a super clear and a simple way of organising and prioritising without a lot of the stress that usually comes when you have a long to-do-list, see what you think for yourself Bullet Journal.


Next for me after my Bullet Journal is some form of learning.


I will listen to a podcast in the morning, I will read a chapter out of a book. I will have an impactful conversation with my partner Karen, maybe talking about something that's on my mind kind of just having insight, listening, starting my morning off with getting some really good vibes and energy coming through.

After this we want to fuel our body and take in fast healthy quality nutrition first thing in the morning so we are ready for whatever the day throws at us.

That's where for many years we have been blessed to find and use Herbalife Nutrition products every single day!

Lot's of you know how much they have helped us and the amazing results we have experienced personaly using these products!

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My last morning practice is exercise ideally to the point where I am actually sweating! Which I know is good for me both physically and mentally.


I want to move my body and know and feel I have worked it.


Our body is designed to move and for a lot of people unfortunately as they age they tend to move there body less and less and this can lead to real issues.


However, its important to build up your level of fitness gradually as you don’t want to spend your time nursing injuries as this will not help you at all.


So, start from wherever you are and build up over the next 90 days and then review your progress and then go again for the next 90 days increasing the intensity until after a year you can look back and be truly shocked as to how much you have been able to achieve!


If you have not exercised for a while perhaps you could start with a walk or a stronger choice of movement if appropriate.


I like a H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) workout plus a little walk outside.


On my rest days, I will take a longer walk or a long bike ride.


Exercise is really just going to help your mind and help your energy through the day.


I find its best exercising in the morning because it’s the best feeling ever and if I don't move in the morning, I think about it all day and the fact that I have to do it later.


So, it feels more like a chore.


My best advice is to get it done in the morning, which I think is an incredible start to your day.


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It’s structured and has a schedule with it and, it's really our way of wanting you guys to succeed.


It makes it really easy to move your body in the morning.


It’s lots of FUN too and there is even CASH PRIZES for participants!!!


Just email us at info@nutritionleaders.co.uk for more details which you can check out and you can jump right into our next program.


So, that would be my morning routine, and for sure those are the habits that I will be taking into this year 2021.


I would truly encourage anyone else to do so.


Okay, this next habit is kind of an interesting one as I really did not know about it until later on in my life, but I can honestly say it has made such a huge difference.


So, this is just a preference but I feel more than ever after last year 2020 and all the strangeness and the uncertainty, what with everything that’s been going on for everyone, the fact that I have had a mentor now for many years which has actually led on to me having several mentors in different areas of my life, is so awesome for me having someone to talk to about ideas, worries or fears and to be able to just talk thing’s over with someone who is not a family member or friend is truly invaluable.

That’s a habit which I will continue with, seeking out mentors in any area of my life I want to improve, it’s a fast track way for success whether it’s for business, exercise, nutrition, relationships quite literally any area of your life.


So, that would be something I actually would encourage anyone to consider, getting a mentor.


I know there's so many different systems nowadays, way’s that they are trying to help people to just talk to someone, you could be a happy, great person, which is amazing.


But also having someone to just talk to and you can kind of discover new things about yourself which is really awesome.


It’s funny really when you think about it…no one thinks twice about getting a driving instructor who after all is not actually driving the car for you but rather talking with you, guiding you, mentoring you if you like, whilst you do all the work. Well after you pass your test that’s for most people the first and last and only time they will have an independent mentor in their life…


Also, a habit that I think has been incredible for me has been focusing on getting hydrated as soon as possible in the morning and then drinking enough water throughout my day to stay that way.


A Herbalife Nutrition product I use which helps me get hydrated super fast is our Herbalife 24 Hydrate.


The difference it makes when I drink 3 litres of water instead of my usual 2 litres is very noticeable to me indeed!


Okay, my next habits that I want to develop further this year has a lot to do with distractions during my days and time batching.


I think that sometimes I can let my day rule me and it can run away from me.


On the one hand you can't be in so much control of your day that you have no flexibility as things can happen, things can change.


But I will say having a structure to your day and trying to follow it, I think can bring you a lot further than just kind of going from task to task.


Because at times I feel like that's what I do.


I finish one task, then the next one and then think what's next?


Then I take breaks, and it's so easy not to have any structure at all.


I think structure is what keeps you going to actually finish those tasks you need to finish to be effective and not just consumed with “busy” work.


Batching is a new habit that I am working on and that I really want to bring in more this year, I'll link a larger article below that talks about it because it is kind of in depth, but it helps you not get overwhelmed by just a crazy list of to-do-items, and instead, how to really prioritize that list of to-do-items and how to batch them together into hours, or 30 minutes batches. So, you're really getting those things done and being effective, check it out here 


Also, another little habit that I'm going to do is to pick out my clothes the night before, this might sound lame, but I know when I am more prepared with what clothes I want to wear for the day it helps me be more productive and although obviously, we're all in lock-down once again and it’s easy to just pull on sweats.


I feel more professional and readier for work when I am dressed in a smarter way.


What do they say about dressing for success after all!? 


Another habit I want to develop this year bring is more regular fun and playtime breaks!


This is something that will go with the time batching.


I feel like it’s a great idea to take little breaks throughout your day to do something like a short walk in nature or go get that tea or coffee, anything that makes you feel a happy or calling that friend.


But actually, putting it in to your schedule and allocating a time slot for it makes sure it happens and also so that you don’t feel guilty while you are doing it.


I think playtime and letting yourself have breaks is very important, especially when we're caught up in the busy day or whatever we're doing.


It can be on your own, or with your partner or with a friend (social distancing measures permitted etc)


Lastly, I think it’s a good idea to have a night time routine.


For a lot of people, they might have a night time routine which is not particularly helping them wind down and relax before sleeping.


It can be too stimulating to get into bed, watch TV and then go to sleep.


I find no TV for at least 1 hour before sleep works well for me and maybe revisiting a book I read from the morning is relaxing.


Also, I complete my gratitude journal from the morning which I described earlier.


Just remember what you see last thing at night before you go to sleep and what you put your focus on is equally as important as first thing when you wake up.


You guys have got to figure out your own night routine, what works best for you.


You're going to sleep, you're settling down, make sure you're rested, make sure you're not scrolling through your phone, and then hit the pillow as that’s way too stimulating.


So those are my habits.


Those are some I have carried over from last year into this New Year and others I am still developing now which I feel will be very powerful indeed!


We would love to know some of your habits so please send them to us at info@nutritionleaders.co.uk


It's a new year and new opportunity for everyone and we really love sharing our ideas and thoughts and hope you enjoyed this blog.



Much Love XX


Stephen & Karen





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