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As We Celebrate Our 40th Anniversary In 2020 We Must Be Very Proud Of The Fact That We Have Been Leading The Way In Plant Based Nutrition For All These Years!

The Founder Of Our Company Mark Hughes When Establishing Herbalife Nutrition In 1980 Was The First Person To Bring Supplementation Into America Based On Herbs And Botanicals After Learning About The Power Of Plant Based Nutrition In China WhicH had Been Around For Thousands Of Years. At The Time There Was Even Back Then Then A Big Problem With Too Many American People Being Overweight And Unfortunately Only Too Happy To Try Anything (Even If It Was Unhealthy Or Harmfull). So He Decided To Provide A Healthy Alternative To The Many Fad Diets Which Were Available At The Time. He Marketed The Products As Weight Loss Products Knowing That Was What People Were Looking For But Knew As Soon As They Started Using Them They Would Start To Have More Energy, Feel Better, Start To Shape Up And Their Skin Improve All Due To The Incredible Nutrition Within The Products

Since Then Product Integrity Has Just Got Better And Better With No Expense Spared In Continuing To Develop Products Which Are The Very Best Available!

The Product Range Now Includes An Elite Sports Nutrition Range Called Herbalife 24 Which Is Both Olympic Approved And Military Improved. These Are A Premium Priced Sports Range Aimed At Professional Athletes Or Serious Weekend Warriors

We Also Have Our Skin Care Range For Radiant, Younger Looking Skin Developed To Complement Our Inner Nutrition Products.

The Skin Is The Largest Organ In The Body And Needs Feeding Too. When You Use Our 7 Day Skin Care Kit It Is Clinically Tested To Provide You With Noticeable Results Within 7 Days Or Money Back. Simples!!

The New Tri-Blend Select Range Is A Premium Wellness Protein Shake That Is 100% Uncompromising:

Based On Carefully Sourced Natural Ingredients Delivering Optimal Nutrition And Delicious Flavour. It Is Aimed At Our Health And Wellness Customers Who Understand And Appreciate That Quality Comes at a price...

Finally, The Body And Hair Care Range Are Designed To Hydrate And Nourish With Soothing Aloe Vera.

Once Again The Quality And Integrity Of The Range Is Outstanding As Demonstrated By Our Strengthening Shampoo And Conditioner Which When Used Together (On Untreated Hair) Is Clinically Tested To Leave Your Hair 10 Times Stronger After Just ONE Use! Yes, We Did Say 10 Times Stronger!! What Does That Actually Mean? Well, It Reduces Hair Breakage By An Incredible 90%, Which Means Much, Much Less Hair Loss (Take A Look Next Time Your Showering Actually How Much Hair Your Losing And Particularly For Those With Long Hair)

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