So You Don't Want To Get Old Right?

My name is Stephen Slater and 17 years ago I was a Senior Barrister’s Clerk in the legal profession and aged 42 when my friend and colleague William McCarthy introduced me to a couple, whom he had known for some time, who lived in the Lake District - Martyn and Karen Farmer. They had been using Herbalife Nutrition products for many years with amazing health results as Martyn had lost 44lbs in body weight, changed shape and gained muscle whilst Karen, who was already in good shape and had been using supplements already, was shocked when she also dropped a dress size and her energy levels soared.

As a result, they had gone on to introduce a lot of people to the products and developed a highly successful global enterprise. I went along on trust with my friend William to meet them for lunch at their house. At the time I was simply doing my best to be healthy but with a demanding and stressful career and two young sons I blamed my expanding waistline on lack of time to visit the gym. The reality was I was out of shape and like most people didn’t have a clue as to how my body worked or what I was doing which was sabotaging my health. I was ageing prematurely and lacking the energy to get the most out of my day. Because I trusted William and the way Martyn and Karen patiently answered all my questions even letting me stay in their home for 3 days! I became very excited about the lifestyle they were living as they seemed to have both time and money. Time was something I certainly lacked as I tended to work extremely long hours in Chambers often not seeing my sons as I was up and off to work before they were up and would be back late at night when they were in bed. The weekend was not much better as I usually had lots of work which I brought home with me.

I started to use the F1 Healthy Meal, F2 Multivitamin, Fibre and Herb Tabs and the Thermo Tea. I was gobsmacked at the results which came quickly.

First, my energy levels shot up within just a few days.

Secondly, my waistline shrunk by 4 inches and my trousers literally fell down!

The best bit is that 17 years later I still have the same waistline I did when I was age 21 which is 32 inches. I have more energy than most people I know including those in their 20’s. I have reversed the ageing process and my metabolic age (that’s the internal body clock driven by our cellular regeneration) is the same as a 42 year old (as measured on my Tanita body composition monitor which can only measure up to 15 years either older or younger than your actual age)

So, in effect, by using the products alongside developing a healthy balanced lifestyle including exercise I have discovered a new way of life which is sustainable and fun and has allowed me to delay and reverse my ageing process resulting in my just celebrating my 58th Birthday recently whilst knowing I am the same age (metabolically) as when I first started to use the Herbalife Nutrition products 17 years ago when I was age 42.

I attracted a lot of interest from people around me as they saw me change and my lifestyle change, and I have gone on to help many others do the same.

People who were initially sceptical about the products they saw me using, over time came to accept as I appeared to be getting younger and healthier and happier each time, they saw me, and they weren’t, that these products certainly worked.

I was able to leave a stressful 25-year career in Law behind me and at Age 48 on a full time basis had created a way of working where I was able to choose my own hours, decide whom I wished to work with and create a lifestyle I love.

I am excited every morning as I never know who I will meet and be able to help improve their health and lifestyle as I have done for myself.

If I can help you or someone you love and care about, please don’t hesitate to place an order or connect with me and I promise I will be in touch soon.

Kind Wishes Stephen ☺️

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