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Hi Stephen and Karen here once again from Nutrition Leaders UK and thanks for joining us today!

Having used our wonderful Herbalife Nutrition products for many years now and helped lots of people get great results too we have never been so excited about where our Company is right now and for the future and we wanted to quickly share some of the reasons why with you...

Herbalife Nutrition is driving to try to make the world a better place and doing it through the most simple and elegant of ways, good nutrition.


It's a powerful, powerful tool.


Sometimes it's tough, getting the kids to school rushing off to work, the stress of the day, but it's critically important because the things you eat today add up to your health across your life.


You know, we think too many people overcomplicate nutrition, they think it's a whole series of scientific decisions that need to be made.


It's actually a pretty simple balance.


It's important that you have a lifestyle that is balanced.


Your diet needs to include all of the nutrients that you need to both replenish and to build.


Lots of people today are drinking protein shakes, and we love protein, but most of those shakes aren't full meal replacements.


When we wake up and we make ourselves a delicious Herbalife nutrition shake, usually H24 Sport vanilla flavour with some spinach and plenty of ice, but on occasion, because we like to change things up, lemon blast using half a fresh lemon, Formula 1 smooth vanilla cream and some cinnamon powder.


Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 Healthy Meal replacement shakes contain all of the nutrients that you would have gotten from an absolutely beautiful well balanced meal, the protein, the carbohydrates, the fats, the vitamins all selected to support weight management in a healthy way.


They have nutrient density, a concept that many people don't quite understand.


For every calorie that you receive in one of those shakes, you're loaded up with healthy nutrition.


Our Formula 1 Healthy Meal is designed precisely for you.


 Tri Blend -Select-

It's a great source of high quality protein, plant based, produced on farms that we monitor and visit.


Our Soy provides you all of the protein nutrients that you might need.


We build our products in a way that allows you to customize the product to your unique need.


Whether it's a shake or one of our other nutritious products.

You can add fruit, you can add vegetables, you can customize the product to meet your needs on any given day.


What we love about Herbalife nutrition is it starts with the premise that everything we sell, everything that we make, everything that we deliver for you needs to start with quality.


Whether it's how we source the ingredients on the farm, to how we make the product, or even to how we support you our Customers in your use of our products.


Herbalife Nutrition is a company dedicated in its entirety, to improving the nutrition of its customers.


We're in more than 90 countries and we're Touching Lives in every single one.


Something that makes this such a special company and one we are both so proud to be a part of is our products, we can truly say, there is a lot to be proud of in the quality nutrition that we offer.


Our products are high quality, and they taste great.


Along with the coaching and support our customers receive they can achieve great results.


Herbalife Nutrition can't afford to be complacent.


They will continue to relentlessly improve the products our customers value.


They want to make sure they accelerate the globalization of our most successful products, including our Herbalife 24 Sports Range.


Herbalife are working on a plan to get more products registered in more countries.


Responding to customer demand is key for any company.


Things like providing alternative ingredients that will appeal to new customers, whilst giving current customers more choice.


Herbalife will continue to focus on regional and local preferences to offer products that are relevant in specific markets.


We want to make sure our customers have the products they want available in each Country.


There are some other exciting product opportunities to come.


We're at the crossroads of science and nutrition, and that science continues to open doors to new possibilities.


As we look to the future, Herbalife Nutrition want to be known as the most scientifically grounded company in the entire nutrition industry.


The science is complex. That's true, but Herbalife’s goal is to stay at the forefront, as we learn more about things like the micro-biome, and brain and gut health.


Herbalife have already launched a few products in this area, but we have even more in the pipeline for this year!


We know today's customers are focused on personalization.


Herbalife nutrition has been a personalized nutrition company for 40 years tailoring products and programs to meet the needs of it’s customers and we'll continue to identify new ways and new tools to do this.


Like we've done with Gene Start  in South Korea, where we have launched a brand new personalised nutrition programme, which seeks to capitalise on growing APAC demand for customised health solutions. The programme uses a portable genetic testing kit to analyse individuals' genetic makeup, lifestyle patterns and dietary habits.


Also, an important part of any product is the packaging, and we plan on delivering packaging that is more user friendly. For example, bulk pack Formula 1 Healthy Meal for nutrition clubs, and single serve packaging for customers on the go.



At the heart of all this is our promise that our products will always be products that our customers can trust which when combined with the “distributor difference”, the personalized service and coaching that they provide will deliver results.


At the end of the day. It's all about working together with our customers and ensuring they have the very best nutritional products combined with the very best support and guidance from our Distributors to get outstanding results!


This is Herbalife Nutritions commitment to it’s Distributors and their customers.


We have a simple global nutrition philosophy based on “what the body needs”.




We can divide this into three categories which we have outlined below so you simply need to choose which one appeals most to you right now based on what goals you are wanting to achieve;




  1. What Your Body needs- WELLNESS


With growing trends towards wellness products, leading a holistic lifestyle has become more of a way of living rather than a myth and at Herbalife Nutrition to help you with this, we have developed our “What Your Body Needs” Wellness Guide, in addition to our amazing products will help you achieve the results you desire.


Protein is an essential nutrient that is used by every cell in our body, it helps with the maintenance of normal bones and muscle mass.


Protein needs may vary according to many factors such as age and physical activity levels, but as a rule of thumb, aim to get one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.


Carbohydrates on the other hand, are not only our body's preferred source of energy, but also the main fuel source for our brains, which consumes up to 20% of the body's daily glucose intake.


In addition to this, including complex carbohydrates in your diet, which are rich in fibre, like whole grains can be a good way of maintaining cholesterol levels.


Good nutrition also means introducing healthy fats in your everyday diet such as Omega three fatty acids, which are mainly found in oily fish.


These types of fats can contribute to the maintenance of normal blood pressure as well as the proper functioning of our vision, heart and brain.


Vitamins and minerals are also considered essential nutrients which are mainly found in fruits and vegetables, they help with the normal functioning of our immune system as well as reducing tiredness and fatigue.


Our modern lifestyle means we are often exposed to more oxidative stress than our bodies can cope with.


Phytonutrient plant only based nutrients have antioxidant qualities that help protect against cell and tissue damage.


In addition to good nutrition leading a holistic lifestyle means that you also have to pay attention to some other key activities such as keeping hydrated by drinking up to 2.5 liters of water a day to maintain physical and mental performance, exercising for 150 minutes a week at a moderate intensity to help improve muscular fitness as well as reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


Getting seven to nine hours of sleep a day which positively influences our emotional Well Being, cognitive functions and daily performance.



  1. What Your Body needs- HEALTHY WEIGHT



The pressures of modern life can often make it difficult to follow a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle while maintaining a healthy weight.


Herbalife Nutrition can help you achieve this by developing our “What The Body Needs”, Wellness Guide.


In addition to our amazing products, we'll help you achieve the results you desire.



Protein is an essential nutrient used by every cell in our body.


When trying to achieve a healthy weight we need to focus on reducing body fat rather than muscle mass.


Protein supports muscle maintenance as well as helps us feel fuller for longer.


Protein needs may vary according to many factors such as age and physical activity levels.


As a rule of thumb aim to get one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.


Although going against common myth, carbohydrates are also key nutrients as they are our body's preferred source of energy.


Try opting for complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, which contain fibre and give you sustained energy release and helping you feel fuller for longer.


Fibre also supports our gut mobility as well as our digestive system.


A healthy gut is especially important when maintaining a healthy body weight.


To help support nutrient absorption aim to get at least 25 grams of fibre per day.


Giving your body the right amount and type of fats can also enable it to function properly.


Introduce healthy fats in your everyday diet such as Omega three fatty acids, mainly found in oily fish.


These types of fats can help keep blood cholesterol within a normal range.


When trying to achieve a healthy weight we often reduce the amount of food consumption as promoted by many diet companies.


While this helps to reduce our daily calories it can also unfortunately affect our nutrient intake, like vitamins and minerals, which are essential as the majority of them cannot be produced by our body.


Try and include at least five portions of fruit and vegetables in your daily diet which have rich sources of these nutrients.


They also contain phytonutrient plant only base nutrients with antioxidant qualities that help protect against cell and tissue damage.


In addition to good nutrition healthy lifestyle habits are also key in maintaining a healthy weight.


We recommend that you keep hydrated by drinking up to 2.5 liters of water a day to help you feel fuller, exercise for 150 minutes a week at a moderate intensity or 75 minutes a week at a vigorous intensity to help reduce stress levels as well as support your calorie balance.


Get seven to nine hours of sleep a day.


Individuals that get adequate sleep on a daily basis not only are less likely to be overweight but also make healthier choices when it comes to food.



  1. What Your Body needs- FIT


Is your ultimate body goal to have a lean and toned physique?


Are you training every day by focusing on reducing body fat and building muscle?


Top Athletes around the world use Herbalife Nutrition products to help them reach their fitness goals.


To help you with this, we have developed a “What Your Body Needs”, Wellness framework.


Resistance and High Intensity Exercise stimulate muscle building.


Our body needs protein for muscle maintenance and growth.


Sports people usually need more protein than normal.


This range is between 1.4 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.


Our body also uses carbohydrates as a prime energy source to fuel the muscles and brain during intense workouts.


The majority of our daily carbohydrate intake should come from whole grains, vegetables and fruits, while simple carbohydrates should be consumed before and during intense workouts.


Just like every adult, athletes and active people need fibre, we should aim to consume at least 25 grams of fibre per day to support our health.


Healthy Fats such as Omega Three are important components of a healthy diet, providing energy for the body as well as supporting brain and heart functions.


Highly active people are advised to consume a moderate amount of fats in their diet.


If you're exposed to an increased amount of exercise, you might need more vitamins and minerals.


The majority of these nutrients are not produced by our body.


Therefore, inadequate levels can impair exercise performance when we exercise.


Our body also consumes more oxygen increasing so called oxidative stress.


Phytonutrients are plant based nutrients with antioxidant qualities that protects against cell and tissue damage.


Make sure you include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.


It will help with your Phyto nutrient intake.


The majority of our body is made of water and most of the chemical reactions need water to be conducted.


If you're exposed to extensive amounts of exercise and sweat, ensure you are adequately hydrated by increasing the amounts of fluid intake to avoid dehydration and loss of electrolytes.


Athletes and highly active people may also require more sleep than the average seven to nine hours a day to allow for adequate recovery as well as reduce the risk of injury and illnesses.

We really hoped you found this article interesting and thank you once again for joining us if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us at info@nutritionleaders.co.uk  or subscribe to our regular newsletter and get our latest special offers and a copy of our FREE E-Book "10 Secret Steps to Wellness"

Wishing you all the very best of health and happiness!

Much Love Stephen & Karen xx

Nutrition Leaders UK


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