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Hi Everyone I’m Luigi Gratton,  Herbalife Nutrition’s, Vice President of Training, and I have worked with Herbalife for 16 years and I am a Corporate Doctor and a member of the Scientific Advisory Board.


We know that these are challenging times for many of you. And we wanted to reach out and make sure that we gave you some of the basics on immune health, especially as it applies to nutrition.

Now one of my favourite areas to talk about is healthy fats…


Since, we're talking about immune function, we have got to be very careful because we don't want to make claims that eating sushi or your daily fish requirement or using our Herbalifeline Max fish oil supplements is going to boost your immune system, we can't make that claim.


However, we know that healthy fats are a very important part of the body's normal functioning and associated with immune function.


They're needed for normal functioning of the immune system and vision and brain and heart.


So Healthy Fats are a very important part of our daily diet and we say should make up to 30% of it.


Many people are on new types of diets, which may include higher amounts of fat, that's okay, if they want to do that.


Herbalife Nutrition has got a great source of healthy fats to provide them with called Herbalifeline Max.


Whatever the source of healthy fats that people want to use, whether it's in the whole foods that they're eating, or supplementing with Herbalifeline Max, which is a fantastic quality pure blend of Omega 3 fish oil its really important that people actually achieve getting there R.D.A (Recommended Daily Amount) of healthy fats and ideally more.


So thus far we've talked about the Macro-nutrients, the big nutrients that you can sort of consider when you're eating food, the protein, the fats, the carbohydrates and fibre.


And now we're going to go to talk about the Micro-nutrients.


So everything we eat, should have vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.


These are mainly found in our fresh fruits and vegetables.


The great thing is these essential nutrients have a direct impact on our Immune Health.


We know for a fact that most of the world's population doesn't consume enough fruits and vegetables including throughout the European region.


Most people are aware of the public health measures where they're trying to get you to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.


This is crucial!


Get your five fruit and veg servings per day as they're really, really important because those fruits and vegetables, especially when they're different colours, give you different vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.


So, it's not just a fancy campaign, it's really for healthy immune functioning.


Talking about vitamins and minerals we're going to get right into some specifics now.


Which vitamins actually make a difference to your Immune System?


Well, Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, folate, iron, zinc, selenium, copper and the B vitamins including B six and B 12 make a difference.


These are specific nutrients that support the immune system.


Please understand, this is what we put in the Herbalife Nutrition products.


Yes we have them in the products!


Let's take one of our amazing products, Formula Two Multivitamin, we have the men and women's version that provide the 24 key nutrients including vitamins A, C, D, B, Six, B 12, folic acid, zinc, iron, copper, and selenium.


All the things that we just discussed that contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.


Okay, so now you know what you have got to have and why, to support the normal functioning of your immune system, you're probably thinking… “Well, wait a minute, I have regular food, I eat pizza on the run, I have a cup of coffee twice a day, I eat some chips, and then I may have a beer at the end of the day so that's not packed with nutrients is it”?


And sadly you would be right!


Many of these processed foods don't have these nutrients. They're devoid and deficient, specifically in these vitamins and minerals.


That's the whole problem with the modern diet!


It's processed.


That's why Herbalife Nutrition is so important.


We help to support the body with these nutrients.


Let’s talk about Vitamin C it contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.


It's found in fruits and vegetables, including citrus fruits, broccoli, bell peppers and strawberries.



We know that the recommended intake is about 80 milligrams a day, that's equivalent to two small oranges.


So,whatever form that you're getting your vitamin C in is fantastic.


However, if you know that someone's not getting sufficient Vitamin C, you might want to suggest to them that they take a look at the Herbalife Nutrition products because we have Vitamin C in our Formula One Healthy Meal, actually you get 39% of your recommended intake with it.

Our Tri-Blend has 23% of our vitamins and minerals for Men and Women.


Rose Guard has 100% of your recommended intake of Vitamin C.



Herbalife 24 Restore has 250% of the recommended intake of Vitamin C.


Herbalife Niteworks has 125% of the recommended intake of Vitamin C.


Bye the way if we exceed our R.D.A (Recommended Daily Amount), whatever we don't use we simply void out of the body, so it's absolutely fine to have a little bit more vitamin C.


So, Herbalife 24 Restore, here's a great example, has 200 milligrams, that's 250% of the recommended intake of Vitamin C.


It's especially formulated to maintain normal functioning of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise.


We know a lot of you are at home, you're kind of hopefully not going stir crazy but you have got to do your exercises in your in your living room or dining room, no problem.


Make sure if you are using Herbalife 24 Restore, you're taking it in sufficient amounts and you're getting your daily intake.


Okay, what about Vitamin D?


Now, this is really important as it applies to nutrition whenever we go out in the sun, especially during the summer time, sunlight allows our body to manufacture vitamin D.


The problem is during these challenging times, a lot of us are staying indoors for most of the day as recommended, and we may not be getting sufficient Vitamin D from the sun.


So, of course we want to get dietary sources of Vitamin D.


Now, there's plenty of dietary sources, oily fish, eggs, nuts, the recommended intake is about five micro-grams.


The great thing is Vitamin D is in our Herbalife Nutrition products and in Formula 1 Healthy Meal there is 140%


and in our Formula 2 Vitamin & Mineral Complex for Men there is 400% and in the  Vitamin & Mineral Complex for Women there is 200%.



The PDM (protein drink mix) has 38%


and Herbalife 24 Formula 1 Sport contains 38%.



A lot of people when they think about our products just think about them as containing Protein for example, maybe because we don’t talk enough actually about all the other things that are in them like vitamin D.


Zinc is a mineral that we love to talk about in relation to immune function.


That’s great because in most countries where we live, we're allowed to talk about contributing to the normal functioning of the immune system.


Zinc is mainly found in nuts, seeds, meat, fish and shellfish and dairy products.


The recommended intake is about 10 milligrams equivalent to 20 tablespoons of dried sesame seeds.


Selenium is another mineral which contributes to normal immune function and can be found in Brazil nuts, fish, meat, vegetables and whole grains cereals and we need about 55 micrograms daily or one to two Brazil nuts.



So let me show you the Herbalife Nutrition products that have both Zinc and Selenium in them, Ok?.


Formula One Healthy Meal has both zinc and selenium in it along with our Formula 2 Vitamin & Mineral Complex for Men and Women also our PDM (protein drink mix) and our Herbalife 24 Formula 1 Sport.


I just want to mention something that’s important and It's the Aloe Vera leaf symbol which is featured in our official Herbalife Nutrition Company Logo.


It’s a big product in our range AloeMax or Mango Aloe.


This is the sign of the company, the mark of Herbalife Nutrition.


Guess what it was created over 40 years ago and it's based on plants!


You know, I always joke, Mark Hughes the founder of our Company of Herbalife Nutrition didn't put a picture of a chicken or an egg or a cow on there.


He put plant nutrients in it and so this was at a time when he created the Herbalife Nutrition products.


A lot of the nutrients he took right out of plants, whether it's rosemary extract, schizandra, green tea, soy, quinoa, all these things come directly from plants.


Plants have these beautiful nutrients in them called phytonutrients.


Plant based nutrients are the nutrients that can help reduce oxidative stress and boost the immune system.


Think about this.


If you look outside, trees that are outside are exposed to sunlight, and they're exposed to the wind, to insects and animals trying to eat them up.


So those plants need to build up protection against this oxidative stress.


That's what we call them anti-oxidants.


So they're usually used in plants to help support oxidation from the elements.


The incredible thing is when we eat them, as human beings we can consume them, it protects our body and helps support the immune system.


So that's the basics of phytonutrients.


Why is it important to have those five servings of fruits and veggies a day and get all these different nutrients in sufficient amounts?


Now, here's a great example, RoseGuard contains a range of carefully selected botanical ingredients, rosemary and tumeric.

 It helps you top off your daily intake of antioxidant substances.


So just understand something like RoseGuard provides 100% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamins A and C, which contribute to the normal function of the immune system.


Herbalife Nutrition promotes the benefit of a Healthy, Active, Lifestyle because exercise and regular moderate intensity exercise helps maintain proper immune function.


We suggest that people aim to exercise at least 150 minutes a week at a moderate intensity.


Moderate to intense activity every day is great for you.


Also, Sleep represents a key part of our lives, as we spend 20 to 30% of our lives in bed.

It's important because it influences our emotional Well-Being and our cognitive functioning, daily performance and our physical health. 

There's a lot of emerging science and evidence that chronic partial-sleep loss might be more detrimental to immune-function than short-term total sleep loss…

So, getting sleep is really important. 

The important thing is your body has been refurbishing and rebuilding and supporting immune function and that's when you can tell when someone's really had a great night's sleep and they feel great! 

For a quick summary of what we have covered…

We talked about nutrition, the macro, the micro, the phytonutrients. 

Those are all important for immune-health in terms of making sure you have a balanced diet. 

How Herbalife Nutrition products can help and having the full complement of products with all the nutrients that we talked about. 

We also quickly addressed exercise and sleep and rest. 

I really appreciate your attention.

I want to say I wish you all the best of health!!!

Luigi Gratton,  

Herbalife Nutrition

Vice President of Training,


Well, I am sure everyone is as grateful as we are for the wonderful advice Dr Luigi Gratton shared with Herbalife Nutrition Distributors on the question of how we can all try to look after our Immune System as best we can!

We hope by passing this advice on to you all it gives you some simple and easy steps that you can take to look after your body.

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Warm Wishes, Stephen & Karen Xx

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