Ferne McCann’s Herbalife Story

My Herbalife Nutrition journey began when I was pregnant. I was blown away by my friend Danielle Armstrong’s body transformation. She had completely changed her body shape by dropping 21 lbs in body weight & gained 7 lbs of lean muscle. She was glowing and looked absolutely incredible. I couldn’t believe this was all down to Herbalife Nutrition. I had always been fairly cynical towards Herbalife & thought it was another FAD diet. However Danni changed my whole perspective by explaining that Herbalife Nutrition is a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

I trusted Danielle’s guidance and after 2 weeks of giving birth to my beautiful, baby girl I began my herbalife journey. After 2 months of consistently taking the products I had lost all of my baby weight & even looked better than before I was pregnant. Now over a year of consistently enjoying the products I have never looked back. Like most busy Mums my mornings can be rushed and hectic so the healthy breakfast shake fits in well with my crazy schedule. I can confidently go about my day knowing I have fuelled my body with the world’s leading nutrition. The shakes taste so good, are quick and easy to make & is a sustainable lifestyle to follow.

Lots of people were complimenting me on how well I was looking considering I’ve just had a baby, therefore I thought it was only fair to share on my social media the Herbalife products I’ve been using. I was overwhelmed with the amount of interest I received and because I love and believe in these products I decided to team up with Danni. We want to help anyone else that wants to lose their baby weight or just lead a healthier active lifestyle.

There are 4 different plans that I recommend although you can also buy your products individually. My plan targets weight management and all round wellness goals. I have the Formula 1 shake for breakfast and lunch then followed with a healthy balanced evening meal. I mix my Formula 1 with Protein Drink Mix and water as this helps to reach my protein target and to maintain or gain some lean muscle. I add the Aloe Mango Concentrate to my water throughout the day as this helps to cleanse my digestive system. With improved digestive health this can give your body to achieve an all round better wellness result. The Thermo Tea Danni swears by this product and even calls it the ‘Magic Tea’.

All of our plans bring results and if all you're looking to give your body great balance nutrition for breakfast lunch or dinner then we have the perfect solution for you. We call it fast food for smart people : )

It's fair to say I have seen incurable results since having Sunday, my baby girl and I can't wait to see all your results too. I have never felt so energized, toned, lean and healthy. The products work perfectly for anyone and you can tailor make a plan perfect for you. I like to keep active and exercise regularly which the products help me with too.