Are you a Mumpreneur?

Struggling to juggle work with children?  Struggle no more – read on to discover the perfect solution! The ideal career for young mums 

“I want to be my own boss”

Have you ever thought that you want to be your own boss ?

Maybe you are looking for flexible part time work, need an extra income or a change of career that fits around your family and allows you to achieve a greater work life balance.   At Lifestyle Leaders we can help you achieve your goals, earn extra income, be your own boss, and achieve that better work life balance.   We know that your children are the most important thing in your life and you will do everything you can to raise them happily and healthily.  But life doesn’t always go the way we hope. Sometimes there are financial pressures that mean we need to take on more work than we want to, then we have to pay someone else to take of our kids and we miss out on those precious times that go past so quickly. 

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“I’m looking for part time work to give me work-life balance”


Wouldn’t it be great to earn and take care of your children at the same time?  With Herbalife, you can. You can start small by building up the business part-time with a few hours a week. If you want to, this can develop into a full-time job. Or you can keep it as a supplement to fit in around your other responsibilities.  You can work from home and set your own hours to fit around your family life. There’s a very low start-up cost – the starter kit is less than £40. And if it’s not for you, there’s a 90 day no quibble money back guarantee. There’s absolutely no risk – how many business opportunities can you say that about?  95-0-0-0-10000-10000-359 94-0-0-0-10000-10000-512

“I want to work from home”

You don’t need to be a super salesperson or have any previous experience in health and well-being – we find that the products speak for themselves. All you need to do is take the products and feel the benefit for yourself, then share that with your friends. So those coffee mornings with other mums could actually earn you money!  Herbalife is a great company to work with as it offers a huge amount of resources, training and guidance on how to make a success of your business – along with us coaching you 1:2:1 as your business grows. You’ll also be eligible for the fantastic rewards and bonuses the company provides.  All this, and more time to spend with your family, watching your children grow. The benefits of this lifestyle are perfectly summed up by Lene, mum of five and Herbalife distributor: ‘The thing I value the most working as an independent Herbalife distributor is all the time I can be around my children. That’s worth more than anything in life because this time you’ll never get back.’  97-0-0-2603-10000-3791-1000 80-0-149-0-9851-10000-986

“I want to work around my family”


The opportunity to build your business and your income, while helping others on their journey to wellness is within your reach, and is ideally suited to:

  • Young mums looking to spend more time with their children
  • Young mums who want a flexible part-time opportunity to supplement their income
  • Mumpreneurs looking to for an incredible opportunity
  • A young mum who looking to build a risk free residual income
  • A young mum already in the health & wellness industry looking for an additional string to their bow

We will be with you every step of the way ensuring that you not only become successful, but that your journey is as enjoyable as ours is. You will be in good company – if any of the following strikes a chord with you then :

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  • “The ability to work around family life and set my own hours attracts me”
  • “I can choose where and when I work which gives me the freedom I need”
  • “I have always really enjoyed working with people and supporting them to achieve their goals”
  • “I wanted the opportunity to help people and have a more fulfilling job.”
  • “I wanted to make a change and it really does offer flexibility, a better work-life balance and means I can be my own boss.”
  • “I wanted a business which allows me to do a job I love around my family commitments.”
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