Xtra-Cal is a daily calcium supplement, providing over 100% of your RDA of calcium required for the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth.

Key Benefits

  1. Helps maintain healthy bones and teeth
  2. Contains over 100% of your calcium RDA per serving
  3. Rich in vitamin D, essential for calcium absorption and needed for proper muscle function
  4. Also contains magnesium, copper, manganese and zinc

How can it help you?

Your daily calcium requirement depends on your age and a variety of other factors. For example, teens need more calcium than adults. Older adults, particularly post menopausal women, need extra calcium to help prevent osteoporosis.

Did you know?

Milk provides a range of essential nutrients but to put things practically, a daily serving of Xtra-Cal provides you with 850 mg of calcium which is similar to the calcium provided by three glasses of milk.



Calcium Supplement Tablets plus Vitamins, additional Minerals and Herbs

Xtra-Cal is loaded with the most concentrated form of Calcium available and can assist in the prevention of Osteoporosis.

Several other specially chosen vitamins, minerals and herbs have been included to benefit skeletal health by providing nourishment for the bones.

It is possible, that by the time you are 50, you may have lost as much as 25% of your bone mass due to Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.

What causes Osteoporosis and how can you help prevent it?

Studies suggest that the main culprits are high non-dairy protein diets, excessive coffee, or lack of calcium. Protein is an acid- forming substance. When there is an excess of acid, the body tries to neutralise it with alkaline agents (calcium and sodium), which then reduces the body’s alkaline reserves. To become less susceptible to Osteoporosis, cut down coffee intake to two cups a day, exercise for 30 minutes every other day and ensure calcium intake is adequate (at least 800 mg daily).

Isn’t calcium easy to obtain from the diet?

It should be, but unfortunately, coffee and alcohol rob the body of calcium. High fat and excessive fibre can inhibit the absorption of calcium. ’Yo-Yo’ dieting and irregular eating can also affect calcium intake.

When does calcium begin to ‘reduce’?

Repair and renewal of our bones is a constant process whether we are asleep or awake. Adults reach peak bone mass in their late twenties. After this point, the bone mass has a tendency to reduce gradually and steadily with age.

What is the significance of calcium and vitamin D?

Only about 20-30% of calcium is actually absorbed from the diet, while the rest is naturally excreted. Vitamin D is an essential aid to Calcium absorption.

Key Ingredient Properties*:

Calcium – The most abundant mineral in the body, providing strength for the skeleton. In addition to this major function calcium is important in nerves and muscles.

Vitamin A – Necessary for proper vision at night. Needed for correct bone development and growth.

Vitamin D – Helps maintain strong and healthy bones by improving the body’s ability to absorb calcium.

Vitamin E – Antioxidant; helps prevents oxidation of vitamin A and increases its effectiveness. Needed for the health of the heart.

Vitamin C – Antioxidant – helps white blood cells fight infection. Needed for healthy skin. Helps the body absorb iron from non-meat sources.

Magnesium – Central to energy release and the functioning of the nerves and muscles; plays a role in bone structure.

Zinc – Needed for healthy reproductive and immune systems. Also required for tissue repair and renewal.

Copper – Component (with zinc and manganese) of an antioxidant enzyme system. Needed for melanin formation and iron metabolism.

Manganese – Component (with zinc and copper) of an antioxidant enzyme system. Needed for healthy bones and nervous system.

Betaine HCL and Glutamic Acid HCL – Amino acids which also assist in the break down and digestion of foods in the stomach (such as fibrous meat).

Horsetail – also known as Equisetum, an herb that is rich in silicon, a trace mineral recognised as contributing to proper bone development.

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