Cell Activator


Cell Activator

Cell Activator is a special formula which supplies the body with B-vitamins
(B1, B2 and B6), plus the essential minerals, manganese and copper for normal energy metabolism and zinc for normal carbohydrate metabolism.

Key benefits

  • Rich in B vitamins to help unlock the energy in foods.
  • Contains zinc for normal energy metabolism.
  • Daily support for cells energy production and protection from oxidative stress

How can it help you?

The minerals zinc, copper and manganese help protect the cells from  oxidative stress, therefore, taking a food supplement such as Cell Activator may offer support for hectic lifestyles.


Take one capsule three times per day.


Cell Activator

Dietary Supplement

Some nutrients are plentiful in the average diet, and others are not,
or they are difficult to obtain and absorb. This formula provides
you with more of those specific nutrients that support your body’s
energy production and help your body perform more efficiently.

This supplement is, therefore, applicable to almost everyone and
especially those who are reducing their caloric intake.

Every activity you do, from breathing to dancing
to thinking, depends on a constant supply of
energy. To ensure you have energy in a readily
available form, the cells in your body have their
own tiny powerhouses, called mitochondria.
Through a series of biochemical processes, the
mitochondria create energy from the food you eat.
For these biochemical processes to function
optimally, your body needs a regular supply of
essential nutrients. Because of poor diet, poor
digestion or high levels of stress, many people fail
to supply their body with enough of these
essential nutrients. As a result, food utilisation
may be less than optimum and energy production
can be reduced.

Cell Activator’s blend of nutrients and plants is
specifically designed to help support your
utilisation of the nutritional value from the food
that you eat. It may also help your body to absorb
and assimilate the nutrients in your diet more

It contains three important plants:
chlorella, cordyceps and arctic root, all believed to
support the body’s capacity for coping with stress.

It also contains three essential B-Vitamins for this
purpose. By taking Cell Activator throughout the
day, you can help ensure your body’s production
of energy stores is being supported, and optimise
your use of essential nutrients.

Key Ingredient Properties*:
• Vitamins B1, B2 and B6 are essential nutrients
used in many of the body’s energy production
• Chlorella powder is a green algae, rich in highly
bioavailable vitamins and minerals as well as
significant amounts of vegetable protein, beta
carotene and chlorophyll, known for its
cleansing and purifying properties.
• Cordyceps (edible fungus) has been consumed
traditionally in China as a general health tonic,
and should help keep your body running in top
• Arctic root (Rhodiola) may help to balance the
body’s systems, and support a more positive
• Cayenne Pepper contains capsaicin, which is
believed to help your body absorb and assimilate
the nutrients in your diet more
efficiently, and may have a thermogenic effect.
• Lactoferrin is a natural whey protein derived
from milk with positive nutritional properties
for your body.
• Malic acid, citrates and the minerals zinc,
manganese and copper.

How can Cell Activator help me while I am
using Formula 1 to control my weight?

Carrying excess weight has many drawbacks, one
of them is feeling a lack of energy and many
overweight people often feel tired and lethargic. A
vicious cycle can evolve whereby the lack of
energy prevents activity, boredom results and
comfort eating can become a habit. To break the
cycle, a boost of vitality and ‘get up and go’ is
needed. A product such as Cell Activator,
designed to help your body optimise it’s use of
energy can therefore help with your overall efforts
while using a weight control programme.

Can anyone take Cell Activator?

Cell Activator has been formulated to be used by adults and is
considered safe for use by children over 12 years
of age. Always read the label instructions.

Will this supplement help me feel more

If you follow a balanced diet, and
adhere to Herbalife’s Lifestyle guidelines, this
supplement will complement your efforts by
supporting your body’s energy production. The
ingredients have been chosen specifically to help
your body perform optimally.

Why is Cell Activator part of the weight
management programme?

For successful weight control, you will be replacing two meals a day
with a Protein Drink Mix shake. For your third
meal, we advise that you choose foods that you
enjoy; quality, fresh, rich in nutrients, but still
careful to avoid saturated fats and junk-type
foods. In addition you will probably be taking
other Herbalife nutritional supplements, as part of
the weight management programme and healthy
lifestyle. Each product assists your body with
specific challenges towards reaching your ideal
weight. Cell Activator helps your body get the
best from these products, optimising nutrient
absorption and utilisation to provide intelligent
nutrition during your weight control plan

Can I take Cell Activator with other targeted
nutrition products?

Cell Activator can be taken
with any other nutritional supplement for a
beneficial effect.

I’m already taking a multi-vitamin and mineral
product, do I need to take this product as well?

Even though you may be carefully managing your
dietary intake, and include a daily multivitamin
and mineral supplement, other factors in your
lifestyle may be making demands on your body’s
supply of nutrients. For instance, physical and
mental stress use up B-Vitamins, often resulting in
fatigue and poor concentration. This supplement
not only helps to optimise the way your body uses
it’s daily nutrient stores, but also tops up specific
nutrients that a busy lifestyle can deplete.

When is the best time of day to take this

Take one capsule with or after each
main meal – breakfast, lunch and evening meal.
(Nearly all supplements are best taken with food,
to take advantage of the digestive enzymes
available when other foods are in the stomach).

Is there any point in taking this supplement if
you already eat a well-balanced diet?

Every individual has different dietary needs depending
on their size, age, weight, health status, stress
levels and genetic background. How you define a
well-balanced diet will therefore depend on your
depth of knowledge about nutrition and many
other factors. Nutritional experts advocate
including a multi-vitamin and mineral
supplement on a daily basis; Herbalife has
formulated Cell Activator to ensure that nutrients
in the food we eat and any nutritional
supplementation added to the daily diet are
optimised by the body.


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