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A glance into the job market these days can be very uninspiring. Low-wage, zero hours contracts are everywhere and jobs for life have been consigned to the history books. Grinding out a living in a meaningless 9-5 job doesn’t leave much room for creativity or freedom.  Being young and full of life and ambition and having nowhere to direct it can be frustrating. Being your own boss could be the spark you are looking for – but what about the cost? Most business opportunities come with a hefty price tag that takes years to save up.  With Herbalife, you can start living your dream right now. It costs less than £40 for a starter kit to begin building your business and if it’s not for you, there is a 90 day no quibble money back guarantee – you have absolutely nothing to lose.  It doesn’t matter whether you have any experience of sales or if know you anything about nutrition. If you have a network of friends, you can do this! You start by taking the product yourself, feel the benefits then you share it with anyone in your life who you feel it could help. It’s that simple.  106 115-0-200-0-9435-9435-284 112-0-0-0-10000-10000-512 111-0-0-0-10000-10000-512 108-0-0-0-10000-10000-512 14-0-1463-1490-7005-7136-50

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Lifestyle Leaders show you how to make a real difference to the health and happiness of those around you. Earn an additional income, without the added stress and worry that usually comes with it, by joining our team. 


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