Moving on from the military?

Read on to find out how to create your new lifestyle? 


Finding a new path after military service can be a challenge. Going to a regular 9-5 job after the intensity of being in the forces can seem like a let-down.  You may feel that being your own boss is more preferable, but not have the start-up capital required. This is where Herbalife provides the best of both worlds. You can start to build your business with less than £40.  The low-cost starter kit gives you everything you need to begin your Herbalife journey. And if you decide that it’s not for you, there’s a 90 day no quibble money back guarantee.  Creating a successful Herbalife business takes dedication, focus and discipline – qualities you no doubt have in abundance. You can use everything you’ve learnt in military life and apply it to building a Herbalife network.  If fitness is your bag there are plenty of opportunities to coach and inspire others to their health and wellbeing goals. If you have any experience of coaching, you’ll know how rewarding it is to help others to reach their targets. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve worked in sales or not – this isn’t about selling, it’s about sharing. You take the product, feel the benefits then tell others – your friends, family, work mates, gym buddies – whoever you feel could benefit from more nutrition in their life.  You can jump right into building a full-time business with Herbalife or you can use it to supplement your income part-time. You can run the business from home, in your car, in a cafe – anywhere you have access to a phone and laptop, it’s that flexible.  Herbalife as a company offers a huge amount of resources to its distributors, and the chance to develop your skills with training days and weekend seminars. You will also be eligible for bonuses and rewards, so even while you are helping others you are receiving. We also offer you 1:2:1 support to help guide you to reach your goals.  85 73-0-0-0-10000-10000-512 74-0-0-0-10000-10000-512 78-0-0-0-10000-10000-512 84-0-0-0-10000-10000-512 81-0-0-0-10000-10000-512 77-0-0-0-10000-10000-512 83-0-0-0-10000-10000-512 79-0-0-0-10000-10000-512 75-0-0-0-10000-10000-512 14-0-1463-1490-7005-7136-50

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